In 2019 after much research and deliberation my wife purchased a Winnebago Navion. She works very hard and deserves to relax doing something she really enjoys. Therefore, it angers me when I see her taken advantage of. She purchased the Navion new and I'm shocked, knowing the price, at the sheer lack of thought and craftsmanship that was put into the construction of this unit.

1. Rust on the First Day

She found the unit she wanted in Ohio which is not anywhere near where we live. So we got a one-way rental car and drove two days to pick it up. These pictures were taken on our very first night. I can't believe that something brand new would have rust on it. Didn't the manufacturer anticipate that a RV may be exposed to the elements?

2. Bed Broken

This happened within the first month. It's the bed I was sleeping in and I was going to give it the benefit-of-the-doubt since I am not the lightest person and I toss and turn at night. When I investigated the problem this is what I found. The access panel for the water heater, which is weight bearing, was held on by staples. The piano hinge had detached because the screws were barely catching the frame. I've put my own time into repairing this and have not had any problems since. I am concerned that this shoddy work continues all through the coach.

2.1 As Feared

Two outings later the panel on the other bed broke. This one's supports were only help by a few staples. Must have been a hard month for Winnebago so screws were not in the budget. 

3. Latches and Hinges on Overheads

The latches that hold the overhead compartments keep stripping out. They were poorly installed and the cabinets are made out of glorified cardboard and not wood. While we are on the subject of cabinets. One of the things my wife liked about this unit was the euro-style cabinets. Her brother has an Airstream with this style cabinet and she's always admired them. The Navion is more expensive than the Airstream so you would think the cabinets would be at least the same quality. Wrong. They are not even real. They are just cheap boxed cabinets with a curved door that doesn't of course match up with flat front of the frame. 

4. Dump Setup

There's more than one issue with dumping the black and grey water on this rig. I don't know if it is any different on the other floorplans but on her 24V the access to the black water hose hookup is via a panel that only opens 90 degrees. That means you have to lay on the ground to reach it. This also applies to the grey, which is under a different panel and requires you hold down a button all the time you are pumping it out. My wife has been treated to a gush of black water every time she takes the cap off the black line. I suspect the valve has a slow leak. 

5. State-of-the-art Entertainment System.

Are kidding me? Given the price of this rig it should be able to play a Blu-ray disc. It’s a 2019. Checkout where they elect to install it. Remember water and electricity are best friends. Whenever I see something like this all I can think is "Big Brains at Work". I also love the cutting edge remote. You have to sit in the doorway to operate it. Wow!.


There's many other things that just reinforce my opinion that no real effort or craftsmanship went into constructing this vehicle. They couldn't even be bothered to print labels for the fuse panel. Instead I have someone's hand written chicken scratches. I can only hope that the Mercedes part of it holds true to their reputation because everything that was added on to it is absolute rubbish.