Project Begins

During the summer of 2020, during COVID, we decided to isolate ourselves at the camp and build a porch onto the Lodge here at Wit's End.

Framing the Walls

Because of a miscommunication between the designer (Kate) and the grunt (Lee) had to incorporate steel in the top plate to meet the snow load requirement.

Rafters Installed

Kate was the driving force for the skylights.

Soffit Vents

Not my idea. Guess whos?


Quickly learned that we are now too old to be climbing on roofs.


Not my first choice of material but fast. Note we put a screen in as a test to see if we liked the Snapp screen system.


This is all Kate. My only involvement was cutting the blocks when needed.


Loved this product. Its called Versetta Stone. Very easy to install.


Lots and lots of cedar. Note the sill. Its one continuous 20 foot long piece of cedar.

Wood Stove

This stove is made by Vermont Castings.
We really love it. Puts out nice heat.

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