We used the Flattenator to create mantels for the lodge. This tree got blown over at the edge of camps field.


I wanted to do a live edge table that had a void in the middle. Why? I have no idea. It ended up to be quite the challenge. When we went to place it in the house late on a snowy night after celebrating it's completion with Single Malt it came off the ATV we were moving it with and slid through the woods at an impressive speed.


A friend gave us some nice barn wood for projects at the camp. His only request was that we make him a table from some of it. 


We made this for our daughter back in 2012 and have enjoyed many a family meal sitting at it over the years. The wood came from a walnut that was trashed in a storm at the edge of a friend's field. We milled the lumber and used a vacuum kiln to dry it.