It's not just about technology. Designing and developing today's business solutions requires an in depth understanding of a company's business practices, not just a number of acronyms. Utilize my years of developing software on your next project. I've worked in an advisory role on a number of successful solutions as well as operated a successful development firm.

Designed and Developed for other firms:

Trust Plus - Cowles Legal Systems, Inc.

TrusTerminator- Cowles Legal Systems, Inc.

On Target - Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

Order Pad - Canton Lumber Company

LumberPac - Canton Lumber Company

Engineering Project Management - Telex Communications

Warranty System - Telex Communications

Purchasing - The Trane Company

Self-developed applications:

PC Based: Time Accounting for Service Companies (TASC), Application Software Support and Error Tracking (ASSET).

Midrange: Contact Organizer, DMS Inventory, DMS Order Entry, DMS Sales Analysis, User Access Aid, Personal Reference System, and various programming tools.

MAPICS Enhancements: A/R Credit History System, I/M to PDM Cost Synch, G/L Recurring Entry.

Jointly developed applications:

Biodistance Bootstrap for Non-Metric Traits, © 1997 Madison Park Software

Webdocs, PaperChase Document Management, developed with Richard Schoen in 1997.

 Work Experience

Independent Software Designer and Developer

Working as an independent designer and developer of software applications for both PC desktops, local area networks and the Internet.

Development projects:

  • Self Ownership - Designed and developed a web interface for the Document Generation Engine owned by Cowles Legal Systems. This application allows Cowles Documents to be generated using any browser over the Internet. 
  • Cowles Legal Systems - Designed and developed all software applications as well as core document generation engine. This application is marketed nationwide and has a substantial user base. It was sold to Thomson Reuters.
  • RJS Software Systems - Webdocs, PaperChase, RTF Form - Rich Text Form DLL, ODBC Data Transfer (see for more info).
  • Commercial Auditors - Developed a collection management system.
  • Leo Burnett Stars Project - Wrote a DDE server for Windows and a corresponding client function in PowerBuilder. Leo Burnett.
  • Leo Burnett Spot Allocator - Team member on the development of an application that allocates television commercial time to specific brand flights. Developed the special request module, rounding module and numerous reports that made extensive use of SQL. Leo Burnett.
  • On Target - Designed and developed for Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. Provides institutional targeting based on a large database of institutional holdings.
  • LumberPac/PC - Designed and developed for Canton Lumber Company. This system incorporated UCC 128 bar codes to track inventory.
  • Primate Skeletal Measurement System (University of Chicago graduate studies) - Designed and developed on a PC network. Integrates custom developed Xbase (FoxPro) application with digital measuring devices.
  • Order Pad for LumberPac - Designed and developed. Provides for the ability of Canton's salespeople to enter orders directly into the system while on the phone with customers.


Lee Blue & Associates Inc.

Owned and managed a software development and support organization with six employees. Company's emphasis always on technical excellence, and ability to provide solutions. The focus of the business was to develop departmental solutions and complete applications in house. We were an established IBM Business Partner and in 1990 were responsible for over $1 million in AS/400 sales through IBM.

Management Responsibilities: Customer relations, quality control, hiring personnel, employee reviews, project management, equipment acquisition, accounting.

Technical Responsibilities: Designing custom applications, application development, troubleshooting existing systems, creating internal development standards and internal productivity tools.


  • EPMS Engineering Project Management System - Developed departmental solution for Telex Communications to provide for the tracking of Engineers time and cost against projects. Senior analyst at Telex and myself designed application jointly. I was involved in all aspects of development, including documentation of the finished product. After its completion it was reworked and marketed through IBM's VAR program by Midland Information Systems.
  • Warranty System - Departmental solution for Telex Communications to provide a means of tracking warranty information for products sold by Telex. I designed this application and was involved in all aspects of its' development, including documentation of the finished product.
  • LumberPac Wholesale, Distribution for Lumber - This is by far the most extensive and long-term development project I was involved in. LumberPac (which is now a Registered Trademark of Canton Lumber Companies, Inc.) is a complete modular Lumber Distribution software product. It features Order Entry, Order Entry/Directs, Inventory Management, Sales History, Sales Forecasting and Contact Management. It integrated to PC based products such as Lotus 123 and Harvard Business Graphics. Because of the continued support and trust given to me by the owners of Canton Lumber Company, I was given the creative freedom to design all aspects of this product as well as the financial resources required to make the product a reality. The product has received praise in many periodicals and Canton is a recognized leader in wholesale lumber automation.
  • Back Office System for Commodity Brokerage - Designed for Financial Programming Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota previously a developer of Wang applications. Involved strictly in the design of this application due to the project development being in COBOL on the AS400 (not feeling any desire to learn COBOL this late in life).
  • Contact Organizer - A contact management, telemarketing system for the AS400 written in RPG400. Primarily developed for large Computer Dealer/Brokers. Most successful application (measured by number of installs). Designed and developed. Ownership sold to VAR.
  • Accounts Receivable Credit History System for MAPICS - Designed and developed on System/36 in RPGII. Provided customer payment history for MAPICS Accounts Receivable. Copyrights sold to GMD systems.


Canton Lumber Company
Data Processing Manager

Managed data processing department of a large lumber distributor. Developed custom applications where needed and implemented various packaged applications on IBM Midrange Systems.


GMD Systems

Developed numerous productivity tools for programmers; Library Management System, Project Tracking, POP enhancements. Involved in the development of MAPICS V2 for IBM specifically Quotations and Work List Generator.


PDA Incorporated

Worked as a programmer providing software support for a number of clients in various industries.

Areas of Knowledge

Experienced in the design and development of Windows Desktop and Web applications.

Programming Languages (PC): C#, Javasript, TSQL, Visual Basic 5 & 6, VFP 6.0, FoxPro 2.0 ,2.5 ,2.6 ,MBASE(for CMT handheld computers)
(Midrange): RPGII, RPG400, OCL (Sys 36), CL (AS/400)

System Software/Utilities: SEU, POP, PDM, SDA, DFU, IDDU, Query, BGU, GDDM, PC-Support 36 & AS/400, DOS.

Web Development: .Net Studio 2007-2016, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Fireworks, Drumbeat, And Active Server Pages

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 2000 (Pro and Server), Windows NT, Windows 95-98, Windows 3.1, and Windows for Workgroups

Software Products: Microsoft Office, Visual SourceSafe, VS Designer (Upper CASE tool), various communications and accounting products, DevTrack, Macromedia Director, Visio, Microsoft Visual Modeler, Wise InstallMaster, RoboHelp

Application Software Developed: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, Order Entry (Distribution), Fixed Assets, Inventory Management (Distribution), Sales Analysis.

Databases: SQL Server 7.0, MSDE, and Microsoft Access

MAPICS: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, Product Data Management, General Ledger, and Purchasing.

Bar Coding Equipment: CMT Handheld, PSC long-range laser scanners, SATO 8400 Thermal Transfer Printer.


Maria C. Lozada, Benedikt Hallgrimsson, Deborah E. Blom, Lee Blue, Sonia Guillen, and Jane E.Buikstra. “Patrones microevolucionarios y poblaciones bioarqueologicas en la costa del Osmore, sur del Peru.” Paper presented at the Seminario Arqueologica de Ilo, Organized by Centro Cultural de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (August 24, 1997). To appear in Gaceta Arqueologica Andina (in press).


Specialized Education


Bar Tech, Vancouver BC - developing bar code applications for lumber wholesalers and mills.


Softbro Inc. - GENESIS V Case tool

1988-1990 IBM Training

Relational Database Design


AS/400 CL

AS/400 SQL

AS/400 SQL Workshop

Introduction to Sys 34

Programming design and fundamentals

Introduction to RPGII

RPGII Workshop

Workstation programming in RPG

General Education

College: North Texas State University

High School: ACS, Knightsbridge. London, England.


Currently being updated.

*Note - Letters of recommendation available upon request if not included with this resume.